Although primary education has been universal in Kenya since 2007, accessing public schools has remained a challenge for many children, especially within Kongowea.

Nyota Ing’arayo charges its students a school fee which allows them to operate within an area of high need and keep classes sizes much smaller than at public schools. Nyota also provides every student with a healthy breakfast and nutritious lunch to ensure that they have the necessary nutrition to get them through the school day.

Maintaining the school facilities, paying rent and teacher’s wages, plus paying for the food and the cook’s wages requires significant fundraising beyond the collection of school fees. The fees are kept as low as possible (£3.25/month) and accommodations are made when a student is unable to afford the fees for the month.

If you are interested in donating, your donation will go directly towards the school and be put to immediate use for building repairs, teacher’s wages and the feeding program. Read each section below to find out more details about each area of need.

Please contact or send your donation to our bank account at Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB). Our account number is 1162343583. At the bottom of the page you will find an endorsement letter from Global Vision International, detailing how Nyota Ing’arayo has been a responsible partner for the past six years.

Alternatively, you can also donate to Nyota Ing’arayo through the Global Vision International Charitable Trust. Through, the GVI Charitable Trust is able to manage secure, online donations and will provide updates for the various projects it supports across the world, including the initiatives at Nyota Ing’arayo School. Access the GVI Charitable Trust Nyota Ing’arayo page at