TukTuks provide an important transportation service in Mombasa and surrounding areas. In order to continue to raise an ongoing revenue for the various programs offered by Nyota-Ingarayo, the school has invested in three TukTuks. Thanks to several generous donations, Nyota Ing’arayo will rent out each TukTuk to a driver who will pay a monthly rent and earn an income from the remaining funds. The monthly rent will provide funds for the feeding programme, improve teacher’s wages, and contribute to the facilities fund while also maintaining that the TukTuks are continually serviced and replaced when necessary.

Funds for purchasing the TukTuks were generously provided by intermediaction.ch, Pete Brunt and Alexander, Alexandra and Martin Karg. Thank you for your kind and generous support.

If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting the purchase or maintenance of a TukTuk, please email nyotaingarayo@gmail.com for further information.